Best bar to close the deal

Brandy Library

This old world, upscale TriBeCa lounge is the perfect place to conduct a sultry evening filled with seductive glances and flavorful liquor. Stocked with the best Brandies and Whiskies, you will have a wide variety of options that will leave you feeling powerful and relaxed while old-Hollywood drinks, such as the French 75,  will be sure to make her feel like a starlet.  The low, smooth leather couches almost make it impossible to not lean towards your date while the warm, dim lighting, combined with the burning fireplace in the winter, make it almost impossible for her to resist whispering flirtatious temptations into your ear.  The food is good, although mostly unnecessary, as you will be too distracted by your date to think of eating. I recommend going on the weekends to avoid the business men during the week, although any night in this lounge is nearly flawless.  If you want to close the deal or just spice-up your existing relationship, get dressed and have drinks at Brandy Library.Brandy Library located at 25 N. Moore Street, near Varick Street

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