Yes, she’s crazy

I believe every woman is crazy at least once in her life, usually with a certain man, but there are other woman who are just truly CRAZY. The woman below is batshit crazy.  My guy friend met her online and asked her to meet up for drinks to which she said yes and gave him her phone number.  This was the text conversation taken from his phone.


Kevin: Hi Sarah, it’s Kevin (names changed for purposes of this post). glad to hear Thursday works for you.  Is there a specific area you would like to meet? What type of bars do you like?

Sarah: on the UWS near 70th and Columbus.  Someplace like Bin 71.

Kevin: Ok, well then why don’t we just meet at Bin 71.  8pm?

Sarah: No, I didn’t mean we should actually go to Bin.  Just someplace like it.  (mind you the address she gave is 1 block from where Bin is located)

Kevin: um ok, well I don’t really know the UWS so I’ll look some places up.

a few hours later:

Sarah: Hey, really sorry, but I totally forgot I already had plans Thursday, so I have to postpone.

Kevin: No worries.  Next week then

Sarah: Ok thanks.


Sarah: Hey, my plans actually fell through for tomorrow night so let’s still meet up.

Kevin: Hey, sorry, I already made other plans since you said you couldn’t meet.  Let’s meet next week

Sarah: well I have dates every night next week, so I can’t. (Who says that!!!!)

Kevin: Ok, well then I guess the following week.


Sarah: So what’s the plan for tonight?

Kevin: ??

Sarah: I figured you would want to meet tonight since I am busy all next week

Kevin: No sorry, I told you I have plans.

Sunday morning:

Sarah: I met someone last night and he is great and I didn’t have to go through Match to meet him. so I won’t be going out with you now.  (does she really think a one-night stand will turn into a relationship!)

Kevin: Congrats.  Best of luck to you.

One week later:

Sarah: Want to grab a drink?

No response.



One thought on “Yes, she’s crazy

  1. Yikes. She is DREADFUL. She can’t have friends!! Is she easy to recognize because she’s the woman always standing alone, talking to no one, ever?

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