Women take their birthdays very seriously- therefore you should too!!

Let’s face it, past a certain age everyone feels a little “prickly” about their birthday – it makes you stop and reflect on what you have accomplished in the last year and whether your life is where you envisioned it being at that age. That being said, they are still joyous days- and for women it is the perfect excuse to get what we love the absolute most- ATTENTION! As complicated as we women can make things, we are actually very simple: we want to be adored and fussed over and told how beautiful we are.  That’s it.  Yes, the expectations will vary depending on the woman and depending on how long you have dated, but at the bare minimum- you need to make a big deal of it by wishing her a happy birthday and acknowledging it is her birthday- probably more than once throughout the day…and the next day.  On her birthday, fuss over her a lot and give her a lot of attention-  it will go a long way!


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