About me

A website dedicated to Men’s lifestyle and dating, from a Woman’s perspective.

Growing up, I found myself in a somewhat unique position. The daughter of a single father and sister to an older brother, I was constantly inundated with a man’s perspective. From the obvious things like being told “you throw like a girl” and having to explain to my father that in fact I am a girl, (to which he replied “that’s not an excuse for throwing like one”) to the subtler situations that I wouldn’t understand until I was much older, like when I was told to “put those back where you found them” after showing my father condoms I had found in my brother’s drawer.  I saw the men who raised me date and I saw them break up. I heard things most pre-adolescent girls don’t hear (and probably shouldn’t), which in turn altered the way I formed my opinions.

I was also lucky enough to have strong female influences- my wise, successful and loving aunts and cousins, who have demonstrated the importance of acting like a Woman and the fun (and at times heartbreak) that comes with it. Let’s just say I’ve been working with a stacked deck. 😉

Now, as a single woman living- and dating – in New York City, these unique influences have served me well when listening and giving advice to friends and family regarding their spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, significant others, or even one-night stands. Dating in NYC is fun, but it can also be stressful and confusing.  People are judgmental, assertive, busy and (think) they know what they want.  This website is dedicated to helping men understand what it is that women think and want in order to make navigating the singles scene a bit easier.  


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