One of the most perfect go-to dates for any stage of a relationship, and definitely my vote for the best first date, is going to a wine bar. Living in NYC, it’s almost guaranteed that your date will be a wine drinker, or at the very least will have an appreciation for wine. In addition, wine bars typically have the perfect lighting to set the mood, along with an air of sophistication and a sound level in which you aren’t forced to yell to hear each other nor are you forced to whisper to avoid being heard by nearby patrons.  A great new wine bar to enter the scene is Corkbuzz, located just south of Union Square at 13 East 13th Street. Competing with the likes of nearby Pippa and Tarallucci E Vino, Corkbuzz has shown that perhaps those other spots are no competition at all. The bar is perfectly decorated to create a feel that is simultaneously modern and comfy and is more spacious than the typical wine bar, with all seating, including the stools at the bar, being regulated by the hostess.  The food menu is more extensive than the typical cheese-plate-only wine bar menu, and served in portions that won’t leave you famished, but that she will actually eat in front of you. The menu will also save you from having to order several appetizers or tapas that add up to a large bill at the end of the night.  The wine list is comprised of wines that you most likely have never heard of, unless you are a true wine connoisseur, which takes the pressure off of you to pick a good bottle and puts all the work in the hands of the Sommelier, who is both knowledgable and down-to-earth.  Simply have your date describe the tastes she likes and your price point and you will be sure to get a great bottle.  In order to avoid a long wait for a seat, I would recommend going on a Tuesday.   They also offer wine classes, for those who want to brush up on their wine knowledge.

A bottle of the Ascheri Pelaverga Verduno ’10 with the braised short ribs, the mushroom pappardelle and the sauteed brussels sprouts to share