rough sex

“He spanks me and tells me I’m beautiful, what more could I want!”

According to OK Trends, regardless of age, less than 20% of women enjoy having rough sex.  Now I’m not sure who was polled for this statistic, but I have NEVER in my life met a woman who doesn’t like rough sex.  Never. Ever. Ever! Even the most virginal of women I know, like it rough.  Maybe not every time, but probably every 5th time (haha kidding- frequency will vary depending on the person). If you want to test if your partner likes it rough, start by giving her a little spank and just use a tighter grip when grabbing her, then based on her reaction, go from there.

Source: Ellen Von Unwerth


two men in the card section of Duane Reade on Valentine’s Day

while shopping for cards one man said to the other “Why don’t any of these cards say what men really think, like, ‘I’m not fucking sick of you yet.'”  Hahhahah I love it.  Happy Valentine’s to all the men who ponied up and bought a card, etc.; we appreciate it.