UES-er from Westchester (provided to help you understand how women interpret dating situations)


Date: Upper East Sider from Westchester, age 39, HOT!

What: blind date from match.com recap sent to my girl friends.  To make it more fun, I used the points system…

So I was ridiculously nervous – actually I don’t know if nervous is accurate, but I was completely dreading the date. I honestly couldn’t think of a single thing we would talk about and I felt like I didn’t have it in me to put my game-face on. The whole thing just seemed exhausting. Of course I got shitfaced (off of 3 glasses of wine! Wtf!), which I NEVER do on a date. But overall it was a good date and I left the date really wanting to go out with him again. I don’t think he’s the “One”, but I definitely enjoyed his company.

Things he did that got him closer to sexy time:
1. 10 points for being good looking. Pretty classic looking except he has a very crooked nose and space between his 2 front teeth that actually makes him cute and takes away from the d-bag overly-classically-handsome look. But is still very attractive. Immediately upon seeing him I was attracted to him- so my type!!

2. 6 points for wearing a pink tie. I LOVE when a manly man rocks pink (shirt or tie). It makes me think they are secure in their manhood (and have the goods to back it). And it’s a little waspy, which I love.

3. 10 points Although he wasn’t wearing cufflinks, which I typically love, but he had his initials embroidered on his cuffs. He wore a suit well. (refer to how to wear a suit)

4. 40 points for picking a good wine bar and having comfortable seats at the bar. Then (and this is really what the points are for), when this guy standing behind me at the bar started crowding me UES-er moved back and just pulled my stool towards him and commented on how the guy was rude for crowding me. You all know I love that on so many levels from attention to etiquette to proving he can effortlessly move a stool with my complete dead body weight on it…because you know that means he can lift me. 😉 just saying…

5.  5 points for being adorable and wanting to hold my hand, but being too awkward to really do it at first. At some point I must have been talking with my hands or something and we touched hands and he grabbed a few of my fingers (not the whole hand) and wouldn’t fully wrap his hand around mine. So instead he kept his fingers straight and just kind of squeezed my fingers between his fingers and thumb. It was adorable in an awkward kind of way.

6. 100 points for kissing me like a man and doing it well. He knew how to kiss! And he even went in for the kiss in a perfectly manly, aggressive-but-sweet kind of way. Then we continued walking to the next bar.

7. 10 points for ordering a chocolate dessert because I had mentioned liking the chocolate cake at Mezzogiorno. So he assumed I really like chocolate cake (which I actually don’t, but didn’t have the heart to tell him.) It means he was listening and I love that!

8. 20 points insisting that we go get food when I said I was hungry when I was willing to blow it off. And I like the fact that we just went to a bar with food and he didn’t try to go over the top and go to a restaurant at 10:30 at night. He simply picked the closest place that was acceptable. I was already interested, so he didn’t have to impress me with his selection.

9. 100 points for paying attention, but not referencing match or how we met. He made mention of a few of the things I had said in emails, but never once mentioned match or said “so you said…” while referencing my profile. It’s awkward enough, there is no need to bring it up on a date in public.

10. 20 points for admitting he googled me prior to the date. Yes, this would creep me out if I wasn’t interested, but I was.

11. 100 points because I felt like a WOMAN. I felt sexy and playful and womanly with him- exactly the way I want to feel with any guy.

12. 10 points because I was thinking about how there were a few awkward lulls, but we were together for over 4 hours talking. The fact that I could talk to him for that long is pretty amazing.

13. 300 points because he put me in my place by calling me out in the most perfect (and funny) way possible. Love when a man does that!!!!!! Might be my favorite thing!

14. 5 points because although he invited me back to his apartment it was indirect and said in a way that it seemed like an afterthought. Like he thought he had to say it, but never actually expected me to say yes. The date was sexy, but sex was never expected.

15. 5 points. He played minor league hockey for a year after college, which I normally would find incredibly sexy, but hockey players are not my type. He played lacrosse too, which is more my type.  That being said, I know he has a sick body and keeps it in shape.

Things he did to kill the sexy:

1. Minus 15 points for saying some inappropriate weird comments. Only 15 because they weren’t mean and seemed to come from a place of not knowing what to say and being nervous. He seems like a guys’ guy and seems like he could be a little awkward with women.

2. Minus 200 points for reminding me of my ex. Had the same mannerisms and talked in the same way. Almost seemed braggy, but I think (and really hope) it was because it was a first blind date.

3. Minus 10 points for saying he doesn’t like the Hamptons. He said it is too much of a scene and his friends always want to go to clubs there and he said it is easier to go to Westchester to just hang by the pool.   So although I don’t like his statement, I like the reasoning. Oh and he said he’s not a beach person, so I guess it should only be minus 5 points, because I love when people admit that.

4. Minus 1 point for having a really loud laugh. It kind of caught me off guard and scared me at first. Hahah.